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Bread of Life Annual Crab Feed!

February 16, 2019 @ 5:30 p.m.

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February 16, 2019

Crab Feed Saturday, February 16, 2019. See the Events Page for more information!

 Bread of Life is a community of churches, groups, companies, individuals, and other charitable food organizations in San Joaquin County that serve residents in need. We can help you at any of our locations in Stockton (2 locations), Lodi, Tracy, and Manteca.

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 Hundreds of individuals and groups turn out on Distribution Day (3rd Saturday of each month) to help us “Get the Food Out”. Helping at Bread of Life is a great Community Service Activity for school credit and to feel good about helping others in need.

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 Bread of Life   could not operate if it wasn’t for the generosity of organizations and individuals across the County. We are only able to make a critical difference in people’s lives with the unwavering support of the Community.

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Bread of Life

Making a difference in Stockton, Lodi, Tracy & Manteca!

Bread of Life serves the communities of San Joaquin County in many ways. Our primary mission is to provide supplemental groceries to families and individuals in need of assistance. Beginning in 2010, at the height of the housing crisis, many people were in distress – losing homes and jobs. Some were finding difficulty in basic survival – putting food on the table. Bread of Life stepped in at the right time, approaching community businesses, individuals, and government entities to help everyday citizens get the food and nutrition they need to remain healthy and vibrant.

Bread of Life
works the same way today as it did at the beginning. BOL accumulates and stores food donations from many partner organizations. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, Food Distribution Day provides thousands of people with an ample supply of groceries. Although the program targets low – moderate income levels, we do not turn away anyone that asks for food.

In addition, Distribution Day provides an opportunity for events such as Health Fairs, medication consultation with pharmacists, summer activities for the children, health education, and more!

Our Events page gives an overview of the occasions throughout the year where we celebrate our community. Check it out!